Grade II Listed Henllys Hall, Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey

Henllys Hall

  • Henllys Hall was built by Llewelyn the Great in 1230.


  • King Edward I later granted the land to the Hampton family who became custodians of Henllys after the revolt led by Madog ap Llewelyn in 1294.


  •  In 1400 another revolt led by Owain Glyndwr saw the Hampton family home at Henllys destroyed, the Hampton family were loyal supporters of the King and were rewarded after the revolt. The Hall was re-built and Hampton became High Sheriff for Anglesey.


  • The Hall was badly damaged in a huge fire in 1852, the home was re-built again. The new design was overseen by James Hansom who used stone from the local quarry at Penmon.


  • The Second World War saw the Hall taken over by the Army and used for training purposes.


  • The Hampton & later the Hampton-Lewis families, lived at Henllys until 1950.


  • The Hall was then bought and let out to an Order of Franciscan Monks for a teaching college, but by 1970 the number of monks had subsided rapidly, so much so that the college was closed down.


  • The Hall was then sold again and converted into a stunning Country House Hotel.


  • After Princes Golf Course was opened in 1996, the hotel closed down shortly afterwards and was bought by the Holiday Property Bond.

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