Kensington Palace & Kensington Gardens, South Kensington & Knightsbridge, London


A brief history:



  • South Kensington & Knightsbridge still remains among London's most desirable and exclusive areas. The Royal residence, Kensington Palace in such close proximity means the area has seen little change.


  • Kensington Palace has being a Royal residence since the 17th century & was designed by architect Sir Christopher Wren under the orders of King William & Queen Mary. 


  • The palace overlooks an ornamental lake, known as Round Pond which was created in 1728.


  • The Palace is currently the official Royal residence of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.


  • The former grounds of Kensington Palace became a public park in 1841 and now merges in to Hyde Park to the east. The gardens boast a number statues including J. M Barrie's fictional Peter Pan character statue by George Frampton, the Statue of Queen Victoria by her daughter Princess Louise stands between the palace & Round Pond which was created in 1728, the William of Orange statue (William III) is located on the western side of the palace inside Coalbrookdale Gates, George Frederick Watt's equestrian statue, Physical Energy & the Statue of Jenner situated in the Italian Gardens who became famous for the smallpox vaccine.



Photographs include:



  • Kensington Palace
View of the lime green arched trellis decorating the Sunken Garden in the grounds of Kensington Palace, London, England View of Kensington Palace from the underneath the arched trellis along Cradle Walk, Sunken Garden, grounds of Kensington Palace, London, England

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