Palace of Westminster, City of Westminster, London

Photographs of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)



  • The Palace of Westminster has been the seat of the Houses of Parliament, called the Lords & the Commons.


  • The Commons is made up of elected Members of Parliament of the different political parties, the party with a majority of 326 MP's out of the 650 available seats in the House of Commons forms the Government.


  • Compared with a number of other capital cities, London has less monumental architecture designed to flatter the gleeing crowds. The Surrounds of it's grand government and church buildings are more closely associated with grand stately avenues of  Madrid, Paris & Rome.




Including photographs of some of London's most iconic & historical buildings including the:



  • Palace of Westminster



  • Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)



  • Victoria Tower



  • Statue of Richard I (Richard Coeur de Lion)



  • River Thames



  • Thames Path



  • Westminster Bridge



  • Old Palace Yard

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