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  • We have collected cinema posters / memorabilia over a few decades now and have decided to turn our hobby into a website shop, we do still purchase cinema posters / memorabilia but only from reputable dealers and auction houses.


  • It has been a real joy to source some of the fantastic pieces of artwork that were produced by illustrators and artisans for cinema advertisement particularly pre-1990s, but not forgetting there are also many striking modern photo manipulated/graphic designs which are equally as collectable and It is our hope that both vintage and modern posters will be looked at and treated as pieces of art/design in their own right in the future and adorn the walls of many households across the UK and worldwide.


  • If you are looking for a specific poster that is not on our website that you have been looking for a while please feel free to email us and we will let you know if we have this available our collection.


  • If you do have a collection of original cinema posters / memorabilia that you wish to sell please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

Liberty Photo Art Original Cinema Posters Memorabilia now for sale

  • We are now selling original cinema posters on our website shop :


Website Shop

Original cinema posters and memorabilia now for sale on our website shop.

Information about what photography and type of photographs that I take :





  • I'm really enthusiastic about photographing anything which has any historical significance (American Civil War, Revolutionary War, US President's, World Wars, UK Prime Minister's etc) which is why you'll see a number of photographs and galleries throughout my website purely dedicated to monuments, memorials, statues & architecture.


  • I also really enjoy landscape and seascape photography particularly if it involves striking cloud formations and unusual atmospheric conditions and you can also find a number of photographs and galleries from the Isle of Anglesey including Red Wharf Bay (AONB) and beaches along the Menai Strait.


What sort of photography can you expect from me?


  • Stock Photography : If you look through enough galleries on my website you will see that I have direct link/s to my photography portfolios on : Adobe Stock & Dreamstime where you can view and choose stock photographs from subjects : architecture, landscape, seascape, historic, travel & more from Washington DC, Philadelphia, Anglesey & more....

Stock Photography

My stock images are now available to view and up for sale on Adobe Stock.

Please visit my photography portfolios on Adobe Stock & Dreamstime by clicking on the links provided :





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