About Adam Jacques


Adam Jacques


  • Graduated with a Fine Art Degree at De Montfort University, Leicester, England.


  • Specialising in fine art photography, drawing & sandblasting of glass.


Liberty Photo Art

Why the name "Liberty" Photo Art?


  • I was fortunate enough to be involved in a visit to New York on a study trip with my college at the time and I still remember that first viewing of the Manhattan skyline from afar, for me it was a jaw-dropping moment and I still remember feeling absolutely over-awed but utterly fascinated by what was in front of me.


  • From that point on I was always looking for ways to be original in photography particularly anything involving dramatic architecture: classical, modern skyscrapers, memorials, statues, monuments and generally anything with a historical significance.


  • The "Liberty" part of the name therfore has a personal resonance with me and reminds me of where the original idea to start this website came from



Photography that I do?


  • I love photography that has any historical significance (American Civil War, Revolutionary War, US President's, World Wars, UK Prime Minister's etc) which is why you'll see so many photographs throughout my website of monuments, memorials, statues & old exterior architecture particularly from Washington DC  which is a absolutely stunning city to visit.


  • I also really enjoy landscape and seascape photography which is why you'll see so many photographs from the Isle of Anglesey in particular the Menai Strait, Red Wharf Bay & Newborough Warren


What sort of photography can you expect from me?


  • Stock Photography, you will see through my website that I have a photography porfolio at Fotolio by Adobe Stock where you can find over a thousand of my photographs, these include architecture, landscape, seascape, historic, travel & more from Washington DC the Isle of Anglesey & more....


  • Fine Art Photography, I specialise in landscapes, seascapes, architecture & historical; including statues, monuments & memorials.

Artistic Influences


My attraction to "Art" from an early age has always been through drawing & although my work has evolved into other areas particularly photography, I still believe that drawing is the process that gives constant originality to my work and this spills over into other mediums.


Artistic Influences;



  • Robert Longo


  • Vija Celmins


  • Aubrey Beardsley


  • Roger Dean


  • Early Artists/ Illustrators of the 'Bond Posters' particularly : Renato Casaro & Robert Mcginnis;




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