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  • What about Liberty Photo Art? We have collected cinema posters / memorabilia over a few decades now and we have always wanted to start our own small business and it just happens to be in what we started collecting in all those years ago.


  • We don't by any means put ourselves in the "Film Buff" category or even call ourselves experts on cinema/film/movie poster collecting but like in any walk of life/job/profession you acquire knowledge as you go along over a period of time, so we at least like to think after purchasing, touching and seeing thousands upon thousands of posters and memorabilia over the years we've picked up a thing or two.


  • It is also important to know particularly if you are interested in our website and the posters that we have for sale, that we do still purchase cinema posters / memorabilia with all coming from reputable dealers, individual collectors and auction houses.


  • With the above paragraph in mind, we would also like to hear from you, particularly if you're just scanning through our website, maybe thinking of selling your own collection and finding out little snippets of information from multiple poster sites like us.


  • As with any buying and selling business we are obviously still very keen to purchase posters and memorabilia to expand our reach and knowledge but also provide fresh material for our potential customers, so if you are that someone who just happens to be perusing our website and would be interested in at least just hearing our opinion on your collection, please get in contact with us by visiting our Contact Page.


  • Also if you find yourselves tapping through our website but can't find the specific poster or memorabilia that you're looking for on our website shop and you've been looking for a while, please feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Page and we will let you know if we have this available in our collection or at least point you in the right direction.


  • Lastly from us, we have found some really terrific posters and memorabilia over the years some of which have been designed by extremely talented and well known illustrators and artisans for cinema advertisement particularly vintage examples but we would also like to highlight that there are also some really great modern photo manipulated/graphic designs out there which shouldn't just be written off.


  • We hope that we have inspired you to adorn your walls with our cinema posters / memorabilia.








  • If you do have a collection of original cinema posters / memorabilia that you wish to sell and / or are unsure about how to go about the process please feel free to contact us by e-mail. (We are just as interested in modern titles as vintage)


  • We are also more than happy to take a look at a collection from photographic evidence.

About Liberty Photo Art - Original Cinema Posters for sale on our online shop

Interested??? Please visit Liberty Photo Art's online cinema poster shop

Popeye Original UK (British) Quad Cinema Poster

Warlock Original UK (British) Quad Cinema Poster

Farewell, My Lovely Original UK (British) Quad Cinema Poster

  • We are now selling original cinema posters on our online movie poster shop :




Here are a few film titles just to get started :


  1. First Name: Carmen UK Quad Cinema Poster (Prenom Carmen)
  2. The Last Black Man in San Francisco UK Quad Cinema Poster
  3. Saturday Night Fever UK Quad Cinema Poster (Certificate "X" version)
  4. Twisted Nerve (Australian Daybill)
  5. Satan's Slave (US One Sheet)
  6. Ultravixens/Supervixens (Double Bill/Feature UK/British Quad Rolled)
  7. The Notorious Bettie Page UK Quad Cinema Poster
  8. Summer in Heat (US One Sheet)
  9. A View to a Kill (Italian 2 Fogli)
  10. Delizia (Italian 2 Fogli)



& many more





  • Please visit Liberty Photo Art's online cinema poster shop by clicking on the link below:


Online Cinema Poster Shop

Original cinema posters and memorabilia now up for sale on our online cinema shop.

Below you'll find out information about Liberty Photo Art stock photography






  • Firstly I'm not a professional photographer but I do have a background in related subjects including studying Graphic Design at A-Level and then into further education with an Art Degree, so it may become more evident whilst flicking through the galleries on the website that my style of photography doesn't necessarily always follow the golden rules or methods usually taught in photography.


  • In the paragraph above I've explained where my enthusiasm for photography came about but the subjects that I like taking photographs of include seascapes, monuments, memorials, statuary & architecture.




What sort of photography can you expect from me?




  • Stock Photography:


  • You will see throughout my website if you visit enough galleries that I have a direct link/s to my photography portfolios on: Adobe Stock & Dreamstime, if you are interested in any of my photograph/s and would like to see them at full-size and resolution please take a visit:


  • On this website and on my photography portfolios you will find a variety of photographs and subjects including architecture, landscape, seascape, historic, travel & more from Washington DC, Philadelphia, Anglesey & more....

Stock Photography

My stock images are now available to view and up for sale on my Adobe Stock image portfolio.

Please visit my image portfolios on Adobe Stock & Dreamstime by clicking on the links provided :





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