Photographs of America's National Monument the Washington Monument Washington DC

Photographs of the Washingotn Monument and surrounding plaza



A brief history:


  • George Washington was among the founders of the United States, alone earning the title of "Father of his Country", in recognition of his leadership in the fight for American independence.


  • In 1775 , George Washington led his countrymen to victory winning independence from Great Britain. In 1787, as president of the Constitutional Convention, he helped in the deliberations to form a government that has lasted two centuries.


  • In 1789, George Washington was elected in as the first president of the United States of America unanimously by the Electoral College. Washington defined the presidency & helped develop the relationships among the legislative, executive & juidicial branches of government.


  • With this monument citizens of the United States show their forever lasting gratitude & respect.



Photographs include the:



  • National Monument (Washington Monument) resembling a classic Egyptian obelisk



  • "Fifty State" member flagpoles (flags) encircling the perimeter of the circular plaza

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