Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, West Potomac Park, Washington, D.C

Photographs from the Third Term Room of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial



A brief history:


  • A grassy berm between the "Second Room" and "Third Room" represents the historical point at which President Roosevelt and the nation joined th Allied Forces in World War II.


  • The rooms are defined by imposing walls of red South Dakota granite and by decorative plantings.


  • Carved into the granite walls are quotations from Roosevelt during his presidency and within some of the walls can be found majestic man-made waterfalls falling in to pools representing the "peace" that Roosevelt was so keen to achieve.


  • The bronze statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his dog Fala beside him was sculpted by Neil Estern.



Photographs from the "Third Term Room" of the FDR Memorial including:



  • Statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Neil Estern



  • Man-made waterfall cascading down onto granite boulders



  • Quotations of Roosevelt's carved into the red South Dakota granite walls

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