Lincoln Memorial Night Images - Presidential Memorial - Washington DC

  • The gallery below features Lincoln Memorial night images with striking photos of the illuminated exterior of the presidential memorial which many Washingtonian's believe to be the best time to view the Greek Doric temple which sits prominently at the western end of the National Mall in an area formerly known as the Potomac Flats.


  • The gallery is highlighted by photos of the eastern facade of the Neoclassical temple, Doric order columns, the ceremonial Lincoln Steps, Lincoln Statue & Reflecting Pool all lit-up spectacularly at dark.


  • Please take a look at my photograph gallery below.

Lincoln Memorial Night Images are now available to view and purchase

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Lincoln Statue & Lincoln Steps

Presidential memorial illuminated at night

View up the Lincoln Steps towards the illuminated neoclassical temple

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Lincoln Memorial Night Images

My Lincoln Memorial night images are now available to view and up for sale on Dreamstime.

Lincoln Memorial night images are now available to view and up for sale on my Adobe Stock and Dreamstime image portfolios:





A brief history of the construction of the neoclassical temple to accompany my Lincoln Memorial night images:






Lincoln Memorial construction:





  • Memorial walls, Doric columns, attic freeze, entablature and upper steps (Colorado Yule marble)



  • Lower steps & terrace walls (pink Milford, Massachusetts granite)





  • Walls, Ionic columns (Indiana limestone)


  • Statue of Lincoln and plinth (Georgia white marble)


  • Pedestal and chamber floor (Tennessee pink marble)


  • Ceiling panels (Alabama marble saturated with melted beeswax)


  • Murals (Oil paint mixed with white wax and kerosene applied to canvas)
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