Potomac River Tidal Basin, West Potomac Park, Washington, D.C

Photographs from the Potomac River Tidal Basin



A brief history:


  • The Tidal Basin (Potomac River Tidal Basin) is a man-made inlet located in West Potomac Park next to the Potomac River and Washington Channel, it was built in 1897 to catch overflow from the Potomac & prevent flooding.


  • The banks of the Tidal Basin are lined with the famed "cherry blossom" trees given as a gift from the Japanese government.



Things to look out for around the Tidal Basin:



  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial


  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial


  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial


  • George Mason Memorial


  • Japanese cherry trees


  • Kutz Memorial Bridge


  • Japanese Pagoda


  • Japanese Lantern and First Cherry Tree Planting


  • Tidal Basin Paddle Boats

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