Photography from the White House and Foggy Bottom Washington DC

  • This is my main photography page for the White House and Foggy Bottom area of Washington DC which gives an insight into where I have taken photographs in the region.

The White House and Foggy Bottom Stock Photography including the Kennedy Center

  • Information on what I have photographed within the White House and Foggy Bottom area of Washington, D.C


  • Photographs include the : John F Kennedy Memorial Center for the Performing Arts, Kennedy Center rooftop terrace, Eisenhower Old Executive Office Building & Treasury Building

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Iconic view of the south-side of the White House looking northwards from the National Mall across Constitution Avenue & the Ellipse, Washington DC Iconic view of the southern-side of the White House looking northwards across Constitution Avenue and the Ellipse, Washington DC

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Aerial view looking north-westwards towards the Foggy Bottom in Washington DC including the Kennedy Center, Virginia Avenue & the State Department Grand aerial view looking along Virginia Avenue towards the Foggy Bottom region of Washington DC

A brief history of the White House and Foggy Bottom area of Washington DC / interest to accompany my Stock Photography



  • The White House (President's House) is the official residence of the President of the United States and stands at the centre of the neighbourhood.


  • The White House is flanked by impressive architecture including the striking French Second Empire styled Eisenhower Old Executive Office Building to the west & the colossal Classical stlyed Treasury Building to the east.


  • The Foggy Bottom region was the site of one of the earliest settlements in the District of Columbia, with a 130-acre area between the Potomac River & Rock Creek subdivided by German settler Jacob Funk.


  • The settlement was officially named Hamburg on which the German settlers established the town of Hamburg which is the area today between 24th and 18th Street NW.


  • The Foggy Bottom became a community of labourers employed by the nearby breweries, glass plants & city gas works by the turn of the 19th century.


  • This is where many believe the name of the area (Foggy Bottom) came from, the "fog" or concentrated smoke produced by these industrial facilities located nearby to the Potomac.


  • Today the Foggy Bottom is home to the main campus of George Washington University (GWU) which occupies a 42-acre site and opened in 1912.


  • Geographically the Foggy Bottom is west of downtown Washington, located in the north-west quadrant, straddled by 17th Street to the east, Rock Creek Parkway to the west, Constitution Avenue to the south & Pennsylvania Avenue to the north.
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