City of Annapolis, Maryland

Photographs from the City of Annapolis, Maryland



A brief history:


  • Annapolis is the state capital of Maryland and is home to the seat of Anne Arundel County.


  • The city of Annapolis is located on the Severn River, equidistant between the cities of Baltimore & Washington DC, approximatley 2-miles from it's mouth on Chesapeake Bay.


  • The capital of Maryland was originally called "Providence", when puritan exiles settled here in 1649.


  • Later it was called Anne Arundel's Towne after the wife of Lord Baltimore, who owned the colony.


  • It was finally renamed Annapolis in 1694, honouring Princess Anne, heir to the throne, the name was officially incorporated in 1708, as Queen she chartered her colonial namesake as a city.

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