President's Park North, President's Park South, Washington DC

Including Lafayette Square and the equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson, First Division Monument & Victory Statue (Winged Victory), Second Division Monument, General Sherman Monument & vistas from the Ellipse


President's Park is currently managed by the National Park Service & covers The White House, Lafayette Square and the Ellipse.




There are a number of monuments, memorials & statuary to discover within President's Park, including the; 



  • First Division Monument (Victory Statue)



  • Second Division Monument



  • Sherman Monument



  • Equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson



  • Statue of Lafayette



  • Statue of Rochambeau



  • Statue of Von Steuben



  • Statue of Kosciuszko



  • Haupt Fountains


& more

Aerial view of President's Park which encompasses the White House including President's Park South & President's Park North Aerial view of President's Park including the White House & Ellipse, Washington DC

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