Photography from the Historic District of Georgetown Washington DC

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My stock images are now available to view and up for sale on Adobe Stock.

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A brief history of how the area of Georgetown has developed to accompany my stock photos



  • Georgetown developed well before Washington, D.C.


  • Native Americans had a settlement here.


  • A land grant was given to Ninian Beall in 1703, who named the area, the Rock of Dumbarton.


  • Scottish immigrants began the large population increase in the mid eighteenth century, and the town was renamed George Town in 1751.


  • It grew rapidy into a tobacco and flour port & finally the city of Georgetown was formed in 1789.


  • The Harbor & Chesapeake and Ohio Canal were built in 1828, the streets became lined with townhouses, some still remaining true today. The railroad led to a downturn in Georgetown's economy & was in decline by the mid-1800s.


  • A century later charming houses began attracting wealthy young couples , with restaurants & shops springing up in Georgetown's main streets including M Street & Wisconsin Avenue. Georgetown still keeps it quiet existence from the rest of the city, even today.
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