Menai Suspension Bridge, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales

Photographs of the Menai Suspension Bridge spanning the Menai Strait



A brief history:



  • The historic Menai Suspension Bridge was designed by civil engineer Thomas Telford and completed on January 30th, 1826.


  • At the time of it's completion Menai Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the world and was a groundbreaking piece of engineering.


  • The bridge spans the dangerous tidal waters of the Menai Straits linking the Isle of Anglesey with the mainland.


  • The suspension bridge is largely made of wrought iron stone, with 16 colossal chains holding up 579-feet of deck, this was crucially important at the time of the bridge's completion because it allowed 100-foot of clear space beneath, allowing tall sailing ships to navigate the seaway to pass safely underneath, whilst spanning the Menai Strait at it's narrowest point.


  • The bridge also ensured the travel time from London to Holyhead was dramatically reduced.

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