Ulysses Grant Memorial Photos - Union Square - Capitol Hill - Washington DC

  • Gallery of Ulysses Grant Memorial photos with striking imagery of the vast American Civil War statuary located in Union Square.


  • Featuring images of the bronze equestrian statues of General Grant Statue, Infantry Group & Artillery Group sculpted by Henry Merwin Shrady.


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Ulysses Grant Memorial Photos

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A brief background on the American Civil War staturay to go alongside my Ulysses Grant Memorial photos





  • The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is located in Union Square and has a prominent spot between the western grounds of the U.S Capitol Building & the Capitol Reflecting Pool.


  • The memorial is made up of complex bronze equestrian statuary depicting scenes from the American Civil War inlcuding the central figure of General Grant on horseback, flanked to the south by the "Artillery Group" and north by the "Infantry Group".


  • The memorial was sculpted by Henry Merwin Shrady, taking 20 years to complete.
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