Vistas of the historic Potomac River, Washington DC

Including views of the Potomac River from the Mount Vernon Trail, Arlington Memorial Bridge, John F. Kennedy Center for the Peforming Arts Center roof terrace, Rock Creek Trail (Rock Creek & Potomac Parkway NW), the Watergate Steps & the Scott Key Memorial Bridge

A brief history;


  • The Potomac River is the 21st largest river in the Unied States, with more than 5 million people living within it's watershed.


  • The Potomac has two sources one at Fairfax Stone in West Virginia and one near Hightown in Virginia. Once the Potomac River passes through Washington DC and beyond it's estuary widens, 17km wide at it's mouth between, Point Lookout, Maryland & Smith Pont, Virginia before flowing into the Chesapeake Bay.


Photographs include vast views of the Potomac River from vantage points in Washington DC & Virginia including, the Washington Monument, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Watergate Steps, Arlington Memorial Bridge, the Mount Vernon Trail, Washington Harbor, Rock Creek Trail, Arlington National Cemetery. Also includes the;



  • Georgetown Channel


  • Little River

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