Stock Photos of the National World War II Memorial Washington DC

  • My main stock photography page for the National World War Two Memorial in Washington, D.C including the Rainbow Pool.


  • Please take a look at my photographs from the National WWII Memorial by viewing the gallery below.

My Stock photographs from the National World War II Memorial including the Rainbow Pool

  • Photographs include the : Freedom Wall, Pacific Pavilion, Atlantic Pavilion, Annoucement Stone, vertical granite pillars representing each US state and territories and Rainbow Pool


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A brief history of the National World War II Memorial to go alongside my stock photos



  • In total sixteen million Americans served during World War II, with over 400,000 perishing. The 4,000 gold stars adorned on the "Freedom Wall" also known as the "Field of Stars" commemorate the Americans who gave their lives in the Second World War.


  • Below the wall inscribed on s small granite plinth are the words of the then commssioner of the American Battle Monuments Commission, Joseph E. Persico which reads; "Here We Mark the Price of Freedom".


  • The words inscribed in front of the Freedom Wall represent the 16-million American's who left to fight in the Second World War, it also honours the millions who supported the war effort on the home front, celebrating the American spirit & national unity in victory. It recognises the price paid by families in the fight for freedom.


  • The National World War II Memorial was designed by Friedrich St. Florian and was officially opened to the public in April, 2004, honouring the service & sacrifice of the millions of ordinary American citizens.
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