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  • My stock photography page for the United States Capitol Building & Reflecting Pool.


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My stock photography is now available to view and up for sale on Adobe Stock

  • Including striking night photographs of the striking neoclassical facade, Capitol Reflecting Pool & Ulysses S. Grant Memorial


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Stock Photography

My stock images are now available to viewa and up for sale on Adobe Stock.

Please visit my photography portfolio on Adobe Stock by clicking on the link below :




Liberty Photo Art Adobe Stock Porfolio

A brief history of the Capitol Reflecting Pool to go alongside my stock images


  • The Capitol Reflecting Pool is the western most side of the Capitol gounds & is located at the eastern end of the National Mall in Union Square, occupying 6 acres of the site.


  • On the eastern side of the Reflecting Pool stands the iconic American Civil War statuary of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial designed by Henry Merwin Shrady, there are also many other tourist destinations within close proximity including the United States Capitol Building, Capitol grounds, U.S Botanic Garden & many open grassy stretches along the Mall.


  • It was designed as a counterpart to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool at the western side of the National Mall & Memorial Parks designed by Henry Bacon and was completed in 1971.
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