Photography from the Capitol Hill Region of Washington DC

A brief history:


  • Capitol Hill is a metonym for the United States Congress.


  • Capitol Hill is also the largest historic residential neighbourhood in Washington, D.C.


  • Capitol Hill is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city and one of the most densely populated with approximately 35,000 people in a little under 2-square miles.


  • The name Capitol Hill is commonly used to refer to both the historic district and the larger neighbourhood around it.


  • Geographically Capitol Hill rises close to the centre of the District of Columbia and stretches eastwards, bordered on the east by the Anacostia River, west by The Mall and the city's central business district, north by the H Street corridor & south by the Southeast/ Southwest Freeway & the Washington Navy Yard.


  • Capitol Hill the region started to develop as the government began working at two seperate locations, the U.S Capitol & Washington Navy Yard, becoming a distinct community between 1799 & 1810, as the federal government expanded.


  • The neighbourhood grew up significantly around it's workers including the members of Congress and skilled craftsmen working at both the Navy Yard and U.S Capitol Building.


  • Today Capitol Hill still remains a relatively stable middle-class region recovering from economic decline and rising crime in the mid-20th century.



Landmark buildings, monuments and memorials to look out for in the historic district of Capitol Hill include:



  • United States Capitol Building



  • Senate & House Office Buildings



  • Supreme Court Building



  • Library of Congress



  • Union Station



  • Columbus Memorial Fountain



  • Ulysses S. Grant Memorial



  • Robert A. Taft Memorial



  • James A. Garfield Monument
Aerial view the eastern end of the Mall extending to the Capitol Hill region including the U.S Capitol Building & Thomas Jefferson Building Aerial view of the eastern end of the Mall stretching to the U.S Capitol Building in the Capitol Hill region of Washington DC

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