Stock Photos of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial West Potomac Park Washington DC

  • Jefferson Statue stock photos including the classical interior of the presidential memorial.


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  • Including photographs of the larger-than-life size statue of Thomas Jefferson and etched passages from the Declaration of Independence on the interior walls of the presidential memorial.


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A brief history of the presidential memorial to go alongside my Stock Photography



  • It was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who came up with the idea of a memorial to honour the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.


  • He believed that Jefferson was equally as important as George Washington & Abraham Lincoln.


  • The memorial was designed in a classical style with circular colonnade by John Russell Pope in recognition of Jefferson bringing the style to the country, the memorial was dedicated in 1943.


  • The memorial structure houses the bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson sculpted by Rudulph Evans which was originally a plaster version, until it was recast in bronze after Wolrd War II.


  • The statue shows Jefferson looking straight towards the White House.


  • Etched on the inner walls of the memorial are Jefferson's words from the Declaration of Independence & other writings.


  • This gallery showcases the domed & colonnaded Thomas Jefferson Memorial styled on the "Pantheon" in Rome.


  • The presidential memorial is dedicated to one of the most important of the American "Founding Fathers" and the author of the Declaration of Independence.
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