Lincoln Statue, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Washington, D.C

Photographs of the Lincoln Statue



A brief history:


  • The Lincoln Memorial is a colossal Neoclassical "Greek" styled temple built on reclaimed land from the Potomac River known as the "Potomac Flats" and is located at the western most part of Washington DC's National Mall & Memorial Parks affording the 16th President of the United States with one of the grandest views of the city.


  • The interior of the Lincoln Memorial is divided in to three chambers (North, South & Central) by two rows of colossal Ionic columns.


  • The giant marble statue of Lincoln located in the Central Hall (Central Chamber) standing at a colossal 19 feet tall & 19 feet wide was made from 28 blocks of Georgia marble, was designed by Daniel Chester French & sculpted by the Piccirilli Brothers of New York.


  • Detailed murals above Lincoln's Gettysburg Address & his Second Inaugural Address on the north and south walls depicting principles that were evident in Lincoln's life were painted by Jules Guerin.


  • Ernest Bairstow & Evelyn Beatrice Longman also sculpted features within the memorial.




Photographs include the:




  • Statue of Abraham Lincoln designed by Daniel Chester French & sculpted by the Piccirilli Brothers



  • Murals by Jules Guerin



  • Words of Royal Cortissoz



  • Gettysburg Address



  • Second Inaugural Address



  • Ionic columns



  • Central Hall (Central Chamber), North Chamber, South Chamber

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