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Liberty Photo Art's Collection - Original Cinema Posters - UK Quadruple Crowns, French Grande & More

Are you a genuine movie poster collector??? An interior designer??? Exhibitor??? Please visit Liberty Photo Art's online movie poster shop - with hundreds of original cinema posters up for sale from a wide variety of genres and eras including UK Quadruple Crowns (UK/British Quads), French Grande (One Panel) & Italian 2-Fogli (One Panel) Movie Posters

Rambo: First Blood Part II French Grande Cinema Poster

Original First Release French Grande (One Panel 47x63 inches) Cinema Poster - Rambo II: La Mission 1985 starring: Sylvester Stallone & Richard Crenna

Fog French Grande Cinema Poster

Original First Release French Grande  (One Panel 47x63 inches) Cinema Poster - Fog (The Fog) 1980 starring: Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis & Janet Lee

Let's Get Physical Italian 2 Fogli Cinema Poster

Original Italian 2-F (One Panel 39x55 inches) Cinema Poster - Ragazze Roventi a Beverly Hills (Let's Get Physical)  1983/85 starring: Hyapatia Lee & Shanna McCullough

A View to a Kill Italian 2 Fogli Cinema Poster

Original Italian 2-F (One Panel 39x55 inches) Cinema Poster -  007 - Bersaglio mobile (A View to a Kill) 1985 starring: Roger Moore, Grace Jones & Christopher Walken

Liberty Photo Art's original cinema posters, types and sizes below:




  • UK Quadruple Crowns: More commonly referred to as the "UK Quad" and sometimes British Quad (30x40 inches)
  • US One Sheets (27x40/41 inches)
  • UK One Sheets (27x40 inches)
  • UK Double Crowns (20x30 inches)
  • 3-sheets - Typically Printed on "2" separate sheets and very occasionally "3" which overlap, Although some very late examples were also printed on one sheet (41x81 inches)
  • 6-sheets - Printed on "4" separate sheets which overlap (81x81 inches)
  • Australian Daybill (13x27/30 inches)
  • Italian 2-fogli one-panel posters (39x55 inches)
  • Italian 4-fogli posters - Printed on "2" separate sheets which overlap (55x78 inches)
  • French Grande one-panel posters (47x63 inches)
  • Belgium posters (14x21 inches)
  • Bus-stop posters
  • lobby cards (10x8 inches & 11x14 inches)
  • Film Stills (10x8 inches)
  • large vinyl wall-hangings.




(Please note: All of the film poster sizes noted above are industry standard measurements which have also altered in some formats over time and poster sizes of the same type are not always but quite often not to those "absolute", "absolute" exact measurements, but you can be assured that all of our posters are originals and not reproductions. "WE DO NOT SELL REPRODUCTIONS".)



(Please also note: Many original posters particularly high priced memorabilia will often come with a certificate of authenticity which is essentially a safety net for a buyer that comes along with a poster(s), piece(s) of cinema memorabilia. Despite a certificate of authenticity been a very good measure of originality we would still always suggest to be very careful and cautious with this information despite it's best intentions, because essentially it's still only printed paper with a signature. (i.e. Anyone can produce one)



  • In the interactive gallery below you will see a small selection of our original cinema posters from our personal collection, many of these are now available to view and purchase from our online movie poster shop.


  • In the interactive photo gallery below we will also share some of our most recent arrivals.

Original Cinema Posters

Our Collection

Liberty Photo Art's original - authentic - genuine - cinema poster collection up for sale





  • We have a wide range of original cinema posters in our collection to suit all tastes including: specialist, highbrow, arthouse, independent, vintage and contemporary film titles with attractive, desirable, rare, bold and unique true artwork, illustration and graphic design on our Online Movie Poster Shop 


  • We also have a number of our original cinema posters that are not currently for sale which you may also enquire about, here are a few just to get started:


  1. Die Hard (Genuine First Release French Grande "Folded")
  2. Maracaibo (UK Quad "Folded")
  3. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Genuine First Release French Grande "Folded")
  4. The Dreamers (UK Quad "Rolled")
  5. Eloge de l'amour "In Praise of Love" (UK Quad "Rolled")
  6. Warlock (UK Quad "Rolled")
  7. Blue Emmanuelle - "Pleasure Island" 1980 (UK Quad "Folded")
  8. Honey Throat (US One Sheet "Folded")
  9. Terror Train (UK Quad "Rolled")
  10. Lady in Cement (Six Sheet "Folded")





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