Stock Photos of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Washington DC

  • My stock photography page for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Constitution Gardens, Washington DC.


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  • Including photographs of the poignant Memorial Wall etched with the names of the fallen in chronoligal order.


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A brief history of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to accompany my Stock photos



  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is one of most moving monuments on the Mall. Veterans and their families often leave tokens of remembrance including; soft toys, poems, pictures & flowers: at the site of the fallen soldiers name.


  • The memorial itself is a simple design, with two triangular black walls sinking into the earth at 125 degrees, one end pointing at the Lincoln Memorial & the other to the Washington Monument. On the walls are the names of the 58,000 Americans who died in the Vietnam War, in chronological order, the first in 1959 and the last in 1975. 


  • Since the "Memorial Wall" was constructed there have being two other additions to the memorial, the "Three Servicemen Memorial" & "Vietnam Women's Memorial".
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