Washington DC Stock Photography & Further Afield

  • Here you'll find the main Washington DC stock photography page which gives an insight into where/what photographs that I have taken in the capital of the United States.

Washington DC Stock Photography from the five areas of central Washington & more

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Thomas Jefferson Memorial

  • Below is a list of the central regions/areas of the District of Columbia and where I have taken Washington DC stock photography:


  1. Capitol Hill
  2. National Mall
  3. The White House & Foggy Bottom
  4. Penn Quarter 
  5. Georgetown


  • You may also be interested in the stock photographs I have taken from Greater Washington, D.C including :


  1. Arlington National Cemetery
  2. Alexandria (Old Town)


& further afield including the state capital's of


  1. Maryland (Annapolis)
  2. Virginia (Richmond)

Washington DC Stock Photography

My Washington DC stock photography is now available to view and up for sale on Adobe Stock

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Washington DC Stock Photography

My Washington DC stock photography is now available to view and up for sale on Dreamstime.

Washington DC stock photography on my Adobe Stock & Dreamstime portfolios, please click on the links provided :






A brief history of the District of Columbia to go alongside my Washington DC stock photography





  • The Constitution of the United States allowed for the creation of a seat of government, the area that would be chosen would not be allowed to exceed 10-square miles, this would be ruled by the United States Congress.


  • The chosen area would be independent and therefore not part of any state.


  • Disputes over where the new capital would be located arose between northern and southern delegates.


  • An agreement was reached whereby the debts incurred by the northern states during the American Revolution would be taken over by the government, in return the the new capital site would be located in the south.


  • Land was chosen from the states of Maryland and Virginia, this included the towns of Georgetown and Alexandria.


  • The site for the new city, as chosen by George Washington was to be known as the city of Washington.


  • For the new city a grand design was required, George Washington invited Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant to design it.


  • The government was moved to Washington in 1800, with John Adams becoming the first U.S President to take residence in the new President's House, designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban, this would later be named The White House.
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