Photographs of the Robert A Taft Memorial & James A Garfield Monument Capitol Hill Washington DC

Photographs from the Robert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon (white bell tower) & James A. Garfield Monument in the Capitol Grounds



A brief history:


  • The Robert A. Taft Memorial & Carillon is a carillon dedicated as a memorial to the former Ohio senator, Robert A. Taft.


  • The memorial was designed by Douglas W. Orr and consists of a white bell tower (The Carillon) made from Tennessee marble standing at 100-feet tall with a 10-foot bronze statue of Taft at the base of the tower sculpted by Wheeler Williams.


  • Above the statue of Robert Alphonso Taft inscribed on the bell tower reads;


  • This memorial to Robert A. Taft, presented by the people to the Congress of the United States, stands as a tribute to honesty, indomitable courage and high principles of free government symbolized by his life".



  • The James A. Garfield Monument stands in a small traffic circle in the south-western grounds of the U.S Capitol between First Street, SW and Maryland Avenue.


  • James A. Garfield was elected the 20th, President of the United States in 1880, but was assassinated in 1881 after only 4 months in office.


  • The classical Beaux Arts monument was sculpted by John Quincy Adams Ward, with the pedestal designed by Richard Morris Hunt.

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