Stock Photographs of the US Supreme Court & Jefferson Building

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  • Including photographs of the stunning classical architecture of the United States Supreme Court, Italianate facade of the Library of Congress (Thomas Jefferson Building) & Neptune Fountain.


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A brief history of the US Supreme Court & Jefferson Building to accompany my Stock Photography




  • The Supreme Court was established in 1787 at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention and forms the Judicial Branch of U.S Federal Government.


  • Cass Gilbert was chosen to design the new building which would accommodate the Supreme Court, the result was a fabulous Corinthian edifice, with sculptures depicting the allegorical figures of the "Contemplation of Justice" and the "Guardian of Law" located beside the steps up to the court and relief stone carvings of William Howard Taft (Chief Justice) &  John Marshall (Chief Justice) in the pediment above the main entrance.


  • Carved above it's main entrance are the words "Equal Justice Under Law", the motto of the Supreme Court and which the court is charged to guarantee.



  • The Thomas Jefferson Building (Library of Congress) was designed by John L. Smithmeyer & Paul J. Pelz in the Italian Renaissance style and completed in 1897.


  • The Library of Congress as it is known today was first established as a refrence library in the United States Capitol Building by congress. When the U.S capitol was burnt down by the British in 1814, Thomas Jefferson offered his own book collection as a replacement.


  • Today the Library of Congress has the largest collection of books.
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