Stock Photographs from the Historic District of Georgetown Washington DC

  • My photography from Georgetown, Washington, D.C including the Healy Building (Georgetown University) and views along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.


  • Please take a look at my photograph gallery below.

My Stock Photographs are now available to view and are up for sale on Adobe Stock

  • Including photographs of the Gothic facade of the Healy Building (georgetown University), views from Georgetown Waterfront Park and the Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge.


  • If you would like to see my photographs at hi-resolution and or/are interested in purchasing a photograph/s please visit my photography portfolio at Adobe Stock by clicking on the link provided: Liberty Photo Art Adobe Stock Portfolio

Please visit my photography portfolio at Adobe Stock by clicking on the link provided below :



Liberty Photo Art Adobe Stock Portfolio

A brief history of Washington Harbor to go alongside my Stock Photographs



  • Washington Harbor is tucked away in the south-east corner of Georgetown, Washington DC.


  • The harbour was designed by Arthur Cotton Moore and is a combined commercial and residential building on the Potomac River.


  • The audacious structure hugs the waterfront and surrounds a semi-circular plaza which includes a boardwalk, tall-fountain and colossal columned lamp posts.


  • The harbour is a popular area for tourists and locals alike because of the variety of restaurants, shops and office space it has to offer, it's also a grand location for sightseeing up and down the Potomac River including sights such as the, Watergate Complex, Kennedy Center, Roosevelt Island & the Scott Key Bridge.
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